Our company is all about the balance of opposites + the blend of fluid design and detailed logistics.

For us, Feather + Rock is more like a lifestyle  – embodying our friendship, strong work ethic, and unique personal styles. Our goal is to fulfill our shared mission, which we believe is to find the perfect balance in life + events, to rescue couples from stressful planning and bring life to boring designs!



Holly is an Ohio-born girl + recent newlywed with an adventurer's heart and a love of Starbucks. After spending almost 10 years as private + corporate event planner, she has a serious passion for logistics and a keen eye for details. She lives for excel, budgets, timelines and her husband Jon & their two daughters, Kaylani & Aliana.  

Holly is a sucker for new restaurants, road trips + her stress relievers are yoga and extra dirty martinis! Her heart is always in the details and believes every event should be memorable, free of stress and exceed clients expectations.


As a photo stylist with a knack for innovation and an extensive knowledge of event rentals and linens, Mia brings free spirited design and the ability to make dreams a reality to the table. She has a keen sense for creative and authentic designs that are infused with her own unique sense of style. She attributes her love for the little details to being raised by an artist mother and an engineer father. There is no doubt a design is a winner when Mia's style is peeking through! 

Mia is happily married to her husband Frankie, and together they are the parents of 2 cats, Mr. Buff-N-Stuff and Whiskey. When she isn't hard at work combining creative passion with her client's vision, you can find her searching the local flea market for treasure, browsing Pinterest with a donut in one hand and a glass of rose in the other, or planning her next trip to Disney.


We met over 10 years ago and hit it off immediately, as we are both strong collaborators + team players at heart.  After years of working 9 to 5 gigs, we both understand the importance of doing something we love. So, we decided to chase our dreams and Feather + Rock Events was born. It’s inspiring for us to build a business that we are both so proud of. We love working with our clients to eliminate their stress and truly allow them to showcase their unique love story and enjoy the wedding planning + design process!

The F+R brand is built on the idea of the unity of opposites and the blend of the unexpected. We embody this ideal, as we are complete opposites from head to toe, for example:

  • Mia is literally a foot taller than Holly! (Think Arnold Schwarzenegger + Danny DeVito from the movie Twins)

  • Holly is a blonde & Mia is a brunette (most of the time!)

  • Mia has a collection of amazing tattoo art, while Holly is terrified of needles!

  • Holly lives for excel spreadsheets, while they make Mia's head spin!

At the core of Feather + Rock Events, are two best friends who have combined our unique, yet complimentary, skills sets.

Fair Warning – we don’t take ourselves too seriously around here – because without coffee, we are both basically adult-toddlers!