“You should blog about that...”

For the past, several years, those 5 words have been the bane of my existence...

Whether the push to blog was coming from my then-boyfriend (now loving-husband … Hey Boo!), my supportive sister, a talented friendor (friend + vendor = friendor, this term will be used A LOT, please add to your personal dictionary) or even right from my soul sister and fellow Feather + Rock lady boss, Mia … those 5 words always made me cringe.

But why? Well, you see, I have a head full these creative ideas for weddings...

  • Some of them are good
  • Some of them are half-baked
  • Some of them are planning tips
  • Some of them are wedding budget advice
  • Some of them are how to manage your wedding-related stress
  • Some of them are for our current clients
  • Some of them are future brides we hope to one day meet

It doesn’t just stop at ideas...

  • I have a phone full of screen shots of décor & branding ideas
  • I have an inbox full of links to vendors’ products that inspire me
  • I have mile-long IG convo with Mia filled w/ stunning images + heart-eye + unicorn emoji’s
  • I have a mild obsession with our own Pinterest board, where we keep all of our wedding day design secrets, hopes and dreams
  • I have MANY notebooks with ripped pages, scribbled notes, and ideas that make no sense to anyone but me…

I digress, but as you can see… as exciting as blogging sounds…it also feels overwhelming.

My inner monologue usually sounds something like this:

  • How will I find the time?
  • Are you allowed to write your blog during the *gasp* work day?
  • What if my (our) ideas don’t make any sense?
  • What if no one reads it?
  • What if EVERYONE reads it!?

But that’s the funny thing about ideas, no matter how much I fight it… they WANT OUT!

  • It doesn’t matter if it’s the right time
  • It doesn’t matter if I’ve thought it all the way thru
  • It doesn’t matter if I’m afraid that it’s not good enough
  • It just doesn’t matter… these ideas… THEY WANT OUT

So, deep breath, here I am... Blogging, sharing ideas and scared as hell!

Ok, so, what is the goal of this blog?

Years ago, when we built Feather + Rock Events, we vowed to stay true to ourselves, our crazy ideas and the clients we love!

We thrive on one-of-a-kind planning & styling ideas and work tirelessly to relieve stress from the planning process and to help our clients’ share their unique love stories with the people they love on their wedding day. So, we asked ourselves, how does what we do for our clients, translate into our blog for tons of people read? (eek!)

The goal for this blog is to be little different than other wedding blogs...

  • We want it to be a place where everyone is free to share (crazy) ideas – (re: judgment.free.zone)
  • We want to push ourselves creatively to show more than just beautiful wedding images
  • We want this to be a place readers come back to for new, fresh ideas
  • We want to give more than just generic planning advice
  • We want to help future married couples to embrace the unexpected
  • We want to share ideas for ‘obtainable beauty’ on your wedding day
  • We want to help you figure out where to save & where to spend your money
  • We want to showcase the GENIUS ideas of creatives, makers + our friendors in this wedding industry community (and share contact info, so you can get in touch with them!)

Some posts will be from a planners’ perspective (ahem… those will be from me, Holly, and I'm already sorry about how long they will be!)

This is my "I'm sorry this is so long" face 

And some posts will be from Mia, F+R events creative director, and those posts will focus on wedding day + special event design. I am positive her posts will be beautiful, articulate and completely blow you out of water with how creative she is.

I mean just look at this sneak peek of her IG ... the "pretty factor" is off-the-charts!

I mean just look at this sneak peek of her IG ... the "pretty factor" is off-the-charts!

Promises, Promises…

First, let’s get the ‘real talk’ out of the way:

  • We can’t promise every post will be for you
  • We can’t promise we will post at the same time each week
  • We can’t promise there won’t be spelling + grammar mistakes (UGH!)
  • We can’t promise every post will be fully polished (we are a work in progress)
  • We can’t promise we won’t curse, but damn it we will try …. (ah crap!)

…But there are PLENTY of things that we CAN promise...

  • We can promise to be genuine
  • We can promise to be honest + share what we’ve learned (good + bad)
  • We can promise to feature amazing ideas straight from our brains
  • We can promise to listen to your feedback
  • We can promise if you stick with us, this can only get better

We ALL ears about what you want to hear about and we already know we will learn a TON from you. We hope you will interact with us, add comments, say Hi or AMEN (with waving or prayer hands emojis, of course) when one of our ideas strikes your fancy. 

So, here’s hoping you will read along as we share ideas, tips and advice that you might not find anywhere else... 

Ok. Phew. I'm done.  And now I can say,

“Fine, I’ll blog about that…”