So, you want a Pinterest wedding...

Hi friends!  My name is Mia and I'm a creative director + wedding whisperer (AKA event designer). I'm here to rescue you from wedding inspo overload and share a little #BTS info on how I  help create Pinterest-worthy weddings that perfectly reflect our clients style & check all the design boxes for their big special day!

I guess you could say I am a hopeless romantic. I just love a good love story, whether it's a Jane Austen novel, a rom-com, or a wedding...gimme all the weddings! It's love at it's best! Two people so deeply in love that they want to make a commitment to love each other, no matter what comes, and bind themselves together in front of all the most important people in their doesn't get any better that!

In fact, personalized love stories are the driving force behind my passion for event design. I love pulling together all the details to create a cohesive, one-of-a-kind wedding that is full of thoughtful details.

(Man, I just love Hug Grant & Julia Roberts!)

(Man, I just love Hug Grant & Julia Roberts!)

Ok, so now you know a little bit about me. Let’s have a little chat about what you think about event designers…

Go ahead, you can say it...SHOW ME THE MONEY!

You’re not alone, often times event designers are considered a luxury, reserved only for the wealthy. But that is definitely not true & I am here to tell why event designed truly are an essential element in a well-planned event.

These days wedding inspo can be found in so many places from Pinterest, Wedding blogs, wedding magazines, to websites like the Knot. It's great to have so many places to pull ideas from, but it often becomes overwhelming too. In fact, there are so many great ideas out there that you connect with, but then you are left with a mishmash of styles...not to mention, have you thought about how you will pull it all together to create a cohesive design that truly reflects your personalities and tells your love story?

Ding, Ding, Ding! Hire an event designer!

Listen to Leo, take a sip of whatever you are drinking, coffee, wine or even something stronger if necessary

Listen to Leo, take a sip of whatever you are drinking, coffee, wine or even something stronger if necessary

I already know what you are probably thinking …why do I need an event designer? Are thoughts like these coming to mind:

  • Um, Hello Pinterest!
  • I am a DIY queen and can totally make everything from scratch, even with my demanding schedule and my tendency toward procrastination…
  • Won't my floral designer take care of all those details?
  • There's no way I can stretch my budget to cover anything else!

I totally get it! But let's think about it...Do you really want to spend the days, weeks and months leading up to your wedding:

  • Spinning your wheels over how to create the wedding of your Pinterest dreams within your budget?
  • Scrambling to find the right vendors who you can trust to pull off your ideas without breaking the bank?
  • Or worse, spending your last night before the wedding trying to finish 3 DIY projects you’ve never really had time for… and now you are covered in 3rd degree burns from a hot glue gun, it's 2am and all the wine is gone?! 

OR…do you want to spend the time leading up to your wedding a bit happier & more productively, because you are:

  • Relaxed knowing your wedding design is a true reflection of you, your love story & style!
  • Enjoying making the fun decisions like, “do I want velvet or textured table cloths”? 
  • Loving the peace of mind & restful nights sleep because you know you’re getting the most for your budget!


While you are sitting there thinking, HEY, this girl has got me thinking…WAIT should I hire an event designer (like me)??? C’mon…you know you are! So, while you mull it over, why don’t I give you a few freebies? Who doesn’t like free stuff?!

Ok, let’s start with me sharing a bit of my design process and a few tips I use with my clients to determine their style sensibilities with the help of Pinterest.

4 tips on how to determine your wedding style:

So, if you decide to make the smartest wedding decision you might ever make well, next to saying yes to your fiancé and deciding to hire an event planner to make sure your day runs smoothly (like holly…seriously, we are a 2 for 1 deal, didn’t you know? Winner winner chicken dinner!) OR if you decide that 3rd degree hot-glue gun burns are more your thing .. then these tips will still aide you in your quest for the wedding of your Pinterest dreams.

1.   Review your wedding board on Pinterest:

I know I know, you already have one that you have been pinning to for oh, 3+ years right? Thought so…but I am pretty sure if you start scrolling down you might be surprised to find that you cringe at some pins! Either that  or you can’t remember why you pinned these images in the first place (because you didn’t bother to make any notes). So, my tip is to either clean up your current board or START FRESH and pin all the things you love the most and don’t forget to add notes! I know it sounds like work, but you would be surprised, notes like, “l,ove this bouquet, but different colors” or “this teepee gives me all the feels,” will really go far to help keep your ideas organized! Also, your personal notes attached to ideas/images can help the event designer better understand exactly what they should be looking for in the image & why you love it. In terms of variety, you should have pins that cover everything from bridal + bridal party fashion to ceremony to reception to all the little details like escort cards, cake, lounges…you get the idea. If you need some great inspo, hop on over to our Pinterest board, where we curate gorgeous pins full of thoughtful details, stunning styles, and creative touches.

2.   Redefine your NEW wedding board:

After you have amassed a collection of pins covering all the bases, take a good look through all the images. Is there a common color you gravitate towards? Is there a reoccurring style or design detail reflected in your pins? Are you puling towards certain styles of dresses, suits, etc.? These trends in your pins will give you a good idea of your wedding design direction & help you decide if you’re more drawn to formal elegance, industrial, tropical, bohemian, eclectic, rustic, …oh I could go on and on but you get the idea.

3.   Peek thru your other current boards:

Now that you have an idea of your wedding design direction or maybe even a few options to choose from,  take a good look at the rest of your Pinterest boards the same way you reviewed your wedding board. Is there a reoccurring style or color that you consistently pin in interiors, fashion, DIY projects, quotes, art, etc.? All these boards + pins speak to who you are, what you love, and what catches your eye. Now, if you don’t have a Pinterest obsession like me, get to pinning and create new boards - so you can really get a feel for your design sensibilities + esthetic (I promise – EVERYONE HAS A DESIGN POV).

4.   Think about who “you” are as a couple:

Do you guys love fancy dinners out & love getting dressed to the nines? Or do you choose to spend your time catching a great indie music festival? Maybe you love camping and hiking in the woods? Whatever it is that both of you love to experience together will also guide you in the style of wedding you want.

But wait there's more...

Still wondering why you need to hire an event designer? Would it help if I defined the role of an event designer a bit more? Yes? Ok, here we go:

It is an event designers job to take into account your personalities, your life + love story, all your ideas + inspiration, and then dream-up a one-of-a-kind wedding design that is all you. From the invitation, right through to the late-night snacks guests will grab as they leave your killer wedding, an event designer should weave your style and story through every detail to create a cohesive design plan that truly showcases who their clients are.

Ok, so here my last little bit of free guidance on hiring an event designer for your big day:

3 Reasons you should hire an event designer

  1. Event designers are not there to make decisions for you but to guide and assist you in making informed decisions
  2. Their experience and trusted vendor relationships will save you time and money
  3. They will help you avoid costly mistakes while turning your dreams and expectations into reality

So, there you have it, free tips + advice from an event designer on how to determine your wedding design style & why working with an event designer will make your life & wedding planning process easier!

Whew! That was a lot, but I am confident if you take the time to try these tips, you will be closer to the wedding of your Pinterest dreams.